Hugues Reip


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On the phone one morning, while talking about the music of SPLITt – the group he and Jacques Julien have formed for ages, Hugues explained: «Our sound, you know, is a bit wafer-ish!».
I listen to some of their songs – Climb on My Room, Sandwich, Miaout, Hein? and Dysfunction Me – and I get what he means. The hum of the apartment where the songs were recorded, with next to nothing, inches from the rug, can be heard: a guitar without amplification, the beatbox of a pocket-sized synthesizer, odd noises, rubbings and voices. Their music is like a scratchy vinyl record or a Japon paper model. But it would be wrong to randomly oppose it to the magnificent harmonies of the Beatles or the maniacal arrangements of Brian Wilson. In each of these cases, everything is ordered to the nearest millimeter. Better still: despite appearances, they all meet up at their extremities.

Extract from a Fabio Viscogliosi text, «Heart Beats», in HUGUES REIP - 1990/2011 - Monograph - Ed. Villa Saint Clair, 2011