Hugues Reip

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La Renonciation
La Renonciation
The waiver, 2014
Ink and colored pencil, marbled paper, butterfly wings / paper, Yew wood and beech, glass, 40 x 40 x 12cm (closed) 40 x 80 cm (open).

Exhibition view La Renonciation (The Waiver), Le Carré, Scène Nationale, Centre d’Art Contemporain la Chapelle du Genêteil - Château-Gontier

La Renonciation
Detail of the triptych

Reinterpretation of one of the most famous episodes in biblical history: the Annunciation. The pivot between the Law and Grace is here transfigured into the Renunciation evoking a hypothetic “no”. The three drawings and collag- es are enshrined in a yew triptych, in the style of a retable. Closed, it becomes a minimalist mural sculpture.