Hugues Reip

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Ad libitum
(Ad lib)
Rubber bathing caps cut up, string,
Variable dimensions, 2005

Replica of a work by Marcel Duchamp, dated 1917, made according to Richard Hamilton’s 1966 version.

“...They were generally pieces of bathing caps, made out of rubber, that I cut up and glued together, that had no particular shape. After a few pieces there was a string that was attached to the four corners of the room; so when you entered the room, you couldn’t move around because the strings would stop you. The length of string varied, the form was ad lib, that was what interested me. The game lasted three or four years, but the rubber vulcanized and disappeared.”
Marcel Duchamp, interview with Pierre Cabanne, 1967

Exhibition view,
Frac Limousin, Limoges

Photograph Frédéric Magnoux